On 24 June 2014, the Alliance of British Drivers and the National Motorists’ Action Group launched their ‘Motorists’ Charter’ in Parliament.


We are now in the year leading up to the 2015 General Election. Election year is also significantly the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta – a historic document demanding fair treatment and an end to abuses.


Here are some quotes reminding us why such a Charter is needed:


 "When transport slows, everything slows."

- Robert Goodwill MP, Roads Minister


 "Automated enforcement is a flawed road safety policy. Millions of pounds have been raised through automated enforcement, that has criminalised tens of thousands of motorists and offers nothing towards proper and intelligent Road Safety."

- Claire Armstrong, Safe Speed campaign


 "Today we have published our latest report, Traffic Spies, highlighting how hundreds of councils have turned to static CCTV cameras and spy cars to raise £312m in revenue.


Many councils are continuing to use CCTV to hand out fines, despite the government publishing a Surveillance Camera Code of Practice..."

Big Brother Watch.


 It is clear that CCTV is being used to raise money in industrial volumes for town halls, breaking the constitutional principle that fines should not be used as a source of revenue."

Brandon Lewis MP, Minister for Local Government


 All fines made with us unjustly and against the law of the land... imposed unjustly and against the law of the land, shall be entirely remitted"

Magna Carta, 1215, Article 55, abridged translation


 "For me, this idea of tracking our movements and charging by the mile were completely unacceptable and a perfect opportunity for yet another stealth tax.


After investigating the costs involved for the technology, it became very clear we would be paying an awful lot more than we do today for the privilege of driving along roads for which we had already paid."

- Peter Roberts, Alliance of British Drivers

His petition against road pricing was signed by 1.8 million


 "Instead of making our roads more efficient, the legacy we risk leaving by carving up our road network is one of inevitable disputes between private interests, and the equally inevitable tolling.


Not only would this be catastrophic for tourism, industry and other road users, it would mean curtailing freedom of movement...


...But there is still time to prevent it from happening."

- Mark Dollar, PCS Union, in Civil Service World,

on the possible hive-off of the Highways Agency and our major roads.




£ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £

Public-spirited?  Mean-spirited? ...Name a council and win a prize!


As part of its campaign for a fairer deal for Britain’s drivers, the ABD launched a competition (now closed) with a top prize of £200.


In “Does Your Council Give You The Hump?”, the public was invited to nominate councils that were particularly good or bad to drivers. For more information, watch our short but revealing competition video linked from the ‘Hump’ page....  




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