Prize Competition





In your own area, do you have a decent supply of reasonably priced parking spaces?


Or might it be a case of congestion through bus lanes, 20 mph zones or vehicle-damaging speed humps? Or scarce parking at sky-high prices – and plenty of parking tickets?



The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has invited the public to give their opinions on the way local councils create heaven or hell for drivers.


To encourage responses, the ABD is launching a prize competition – “Does Your Council Give You the Hump?”



ABD Director Ian Taylor said: “We were promised before the last general election that the “War on the Motorist” would be ended, but many drivers feel it is still going on.


Our local authorities are too often sold on the idea that they have some kind of duty to discourage car use. For example, instead of making proper provision for vehicles, precious road space is given to other transport modes under the Orwellian claim of “improving choice”. 


I hope that the competition will open many eyes to the best and worst practices and be a catalyst for more public debate on the issues.” 



● The promotional video is on


NB The competition closed on 31 August 2014, and winners were announced in ‘On The Roadissue 114. Entrants were asked to watch the video and email nominations

for Best / Worst Council with supporting reasons.  .



First prize of £200. Two runners-up prizes of £50.


                                                                                                                                                                   Photographs copyright I Taylor © 2014