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'The European Constitution in Perspective'
Anthony Cowgill and Andrew Cowgill
(BMDF, 2004. ISBN 0 9520366 7 3)

A very readable breakdown of a complex topic. Price around 27.50p before postage. Available from the publishers and good booksellers:

British Management Data Foundation,
Stroud, Gloucestershire,
Tel: (01452) 812837)

Click for web-site


'Eurofacts' - fortnightly news analysis from
Global Britain
Hope House,
45 Great Peter St,
London SW1P 3LT
tel: 0(44)20 7233 4443
fax: 0(44)20 7233 4446


The June Press,
PO Box 119,
Totnes, Devon
tel: 0(44)1548 821402
fax: 0(44)1548 821574
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The Future Is A Foreign Country - by Matthew R. Illsley.
A chilling review of the Europeanisation of Britain.

Britain Held Hostage - by Lindsay Jenkins.
A guide to the forces pushing Britain into a federal Europe.

Europe Full Circle - by Rodney Atkinson. Exposes the undemocratic nature of the EU and compares its similarity with the Nazi blueprint for the continent.

Better Off Out? - by Brian Hindley and Martin Howe.
Distinguished academics count the cost of EU membership.

The Facts about Foreign Direct Investment - by Ian Milne.
Experienced management consultant and economist advances evidence to show that only 4% of Britain's investment (or under 1% of GDP) is due to EU membership.

There Is An Alternative - Bradford University economists Burkitt, Baimbridge & Whyman show that EU membership is not essential for Britain's economy and highlight how Britain can succeed as a free nation.

The Castle of Lies - Christopher Booker & Richard North show the catastrophic effects of EU membership on Britain.

The Mad Officials - Christopher Booker & Richard North expose regulation run riot with just a little help from the Eurocrats.

'Our Currency, Our Country' by John Redwood MP.
Single Currency expose. Recommended by Donald Davidson, Chairman of Essex CIB
Easy to read, with good economic arguments and examples, but fails to recognise the impracticality of renegotiating Britain's EU membership



from Prosyma Research, PO Box 19, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1FL
tel/fax: 0(44)1625-878142

Britain's Future - Business Industry and a New Relationship with the EU.
By Prof. Stephen Bush of UMIST (about 2 a copy)

...and from your high street bookstore

'The Age of Insecurity',
by Guardian Economics Editor Larry Elliott & journalist Dan Atkinson
Wider coverage than just the EU. Questions the globalist "laissez-faire" ethos on account of its cost to society. Puts New Labour under the microscope.

'The Single European Currency - A National Perspective'
Edited by Prof. Bernard Moss, LL.M and Prof. Jonathan Michie.
Offers critique from a viewpoint of labour and employment; looks at impact on other EU members too
Click for details on website
Contact Bernard Moss:

...and from The Full Employment League,
6 Southgate Green, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2BL
tel: 0(44)1284-754123

Pamphlets & leaflets proposing a saner, more productive capitalism and a new industrial model to safeguard jobs in the UK.

Write for a full list of publications. 9" x 4" SAE appreciated.

...and from Derek Tozer,
20 Portmans, North Curry, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 6NL
tel/fax: 0(44)1823-490590

The Portman Papers. An interesting publication on the forces working for world and regional government and against the nation state.
Decide for yourself with a sample copy!

...and from Vernon Coleman (Sunday People columnist)
Blue Books, Devon

"England Our England". Shocking revelations on the EU.
English perspective, but readable for other Britons too.
(Discounts available for re-distributors)

See Vernon's website.

...and from The Truth About Europe Campaign
Unit 4, Tamworth Business Centre, Amber Close, Tamworth, Staffs, B77 4RP
tel: 0(44)1827-894917

Handy leaflets on individual topics, each providing a detailed rebuttal to EU propaganda. Ideal for library packs
Currently 12 in series. about 5/100, 15/1000 to cover costs
Please enquire about titles and current prices

...and from Dr. Peter Gardner, 78 St Mary's Rd, Oxford, OX4 1QD

"Hidden Agendas" (49pp, always readable). Wide-ranging look at what's behind the torrent of EC regulations.

5 post paid. (cheques to 'P Gardner') Write re: discounts

...and from the British Weights & Measures Association, 45 Montgomery St, Edinburgh, EH7 5JX
tel: 0(44)131-556 6080

The Great Gram Scam by Vivian Linacre. A skilful expose of politicians' lies on metrication, with some great quotes.

4 post paid, with quantity discounts available.

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