The most critical material is marked:  M

Official documents and debates

Read the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 online,
c/o The Stationery Office (aka "HMSO")

Read the Human Rights Act 1998 online,
...but does it guarantee protection?

Check the Bill's progress through Parliament and look up daily Hansard debates
(Key dates in chronicling the cave-in: 9/16/18.11.04 (Lords); 17.11.04 (Commons))

Revised Bill (HL 128, Nov 2004)

Proposed amendments to the revised Bill (HL 128)

Previous amendments proposed (ref: HL 77)

Government Notes on the revised Bill (NB: HL 77 version)

Hansard highlights on Commons Second Reading, 19.01.04  M

Hansard highlights on Lords Second Reading, 05.07.04

CCB Joint Committee - serious criticisms of the original Bill
Parliament ref: 'HL Paper 84, HC 1074', 28.11.03

Reviews and media coverage

Christopher Booker speaks out, Sunday Telegraph, 5.9.04
"Ministers to get dictatorial powers"

Initial opinion from the distinguished Leolin Price CBE QC, 13.09.04 M
Refers to detailed clauses of revised Bill

Civil Contingencies Bill - review by Statewatch M

The Freedom Association - see the "Taking Liberties" article & PR

Conservative Party website (doesn't say where the official opposition
has been since January? They should heed a report that 69% of voters
polled don't feel they provide adequate opposition to the Government
[source: Daily Telegraph, 4.10.04])

BBC News, January coverage
NB Where is the coverage since then?... Were the Beeb decoyed into
covering only the smacking debate on 5.07.04 and hunting on 15.09.04?

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Compiled: 29 August 2004, updated 26 November 2004