Trial without evidence, detention without trial -
the EU's idea of 'freedom, security and justice'

The draconian European Arrest Warrant

The Hague Programme - Europeanising law enforcement

Statewatch - policing and justice in the EU

Our article on policing, after the Treaty of Amsterdam

Our ID Cards article - compiled after New York's '9/11'.

no2ID - current perspective on ID cards
and the Government's Population Register

Privacy International
top site on ID cards & surveillance issues

STAND - defending 'digital freedoms'
(good technical coverage)

For Data Protection Act info

Why you can't trust New Labour on legal safeguards

Guardian index of articles
(George Monbiot article, 3.8.04, "A threat to democracy" recommended)

The Freedom Association, for a free nation & individual liberty

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Compiled: 29 August 2004; updated 31 October 2004