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New Alliance exists to expose what the EU is doing to the British people and the wider world.

We are committed to combating its propaganda and Government spin, and actively welcome any help in spreading the word.

Permission is freely given to quote from or reproduce any of our own material for academic, research, not-for-profit public information purposes (e.g. reviews, constituency association bulletins). Please do note the source (website and/or postal address), so that interested parties can follow up. We also appreciate knowing where it is used - in due confidence - so that we can continue to research and publish on topics of key interest.

Anyone wishing to use material commercially should please check with us first in case it is covered by any agreements.

Some material is reproduced by kind permission:
NA Logo © S Stoker 1997
'Clarkson' cartoon © F Clarkson 1999
'Who Governs Britain' (Blair) cartoon © P Berkin 1999
'Prescott's folly' graphic © P Berkin 1999
'Renegotiation' cartoon © R.M. 2005

It is our editorial policy that although we are very outspoken, we never seek to be unfair to anyone, including our opponents.

We try at all times to be objective, although obviously our context is to oppose the destruction of our country and the deception of its people, and to provide an antidote to propaganda financed out of taxpayers' money.

We publish research material in good faith and typically identify the source on the less commonly-known and more controversial material.

As external web-pages are subject to change, there is no guarantee that a page will still be accessible or have the same content. This is on a par with quoting from a publication that can go 'out of print'.

We will never knowingly publish anything we know to be untrue. As in any other line of research, we need to quote some material second-hand (e.g. national newspaper stories). In the event of discovering any material inaccuracy, or conversely, if a story is overtaken by events, we are willing to consider a correction 'as appropriate'.

It is our policy to date all articles, so that researchers can identify a particular perspective at a particular time. Therefore we retain some articles that are now technically out-of-date, such as on the Treaty of Amsterdam, after a newer Treaty applies.

Listing an external website, organisation, publication or product for sale should not necessarily be construed as a blanket endorsement, save that we find it of interest. We recommend that readers make any enquiries necessary before acting on information provided, particularly in entering into commercial transactions or providing personal data.

New Alliance maintains its own registration under UK Data Protection legislation and treats personal information supplied (e.g. via the Register Your Support page) with due safeguards. We do not disclose private information to third parties commercially or for 'spamming'.

We do not make use of cookies, spyware, pop-up or other ads. We try to keep graphics to a workable minimum so that pages load quickly and your bandwith allowance is not rapidly consumed.

We like to think that we run an inclusive website. We welcome visitors from all parts of the UK and beyond; Northern Ireland is seen as an equally welcome part of the UK as Wales or Norfolk, even though some might perceive they have been obscured by the 'alpha' in our logo. Similarly we welcome disabled visitors, and will endeavour to help them obtain information in a usable form in the unlikely event of any difficulty with any part of the site.

We hope that you will enjoy our website.


Date this page was updated: 17 May 2018