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The Education and PR function agreed at Basingstoke in 1997 is being managed by Steering Group members Margaret Evans (Campaign Manager) and Brian Mooney (Treasurer) who also covers administrative arrangements.

Another role proposed for the New Alliance was in co-ordinating an effective list of candidates for the 1999 European elections. Two of the organisers of the historic Basingstoke meeting that proposed "a New Alliance" are Michael Holmes (elected Leader of the UK Independence Party in 1998, then a MEP in 1999) and Nigel Farage (who became Chairman of the UK Independence Party in 1998, then a MEP in 1999). Over 90 former Referendum Party candidates from 1997 have since joined forces with UKIP.

A fifth Steering Group member, Dr. Richard North has provided valuable assistance with the Think Tank role agreed at Basingstoke with ideas for Britain's future outside the EU. The New Alliance has run successful public meetings and mailshots to educate the public on the alternatives to European Union and is supported in campaigning and publishing initiatives by activists from the wider anti-EU pro-democracy movement.

Well-known figures endorsing the New Alliance include:
Bill Jamieson - City Editor, Sunday Telegraph, and former Parliamentary candidate; and
Sir Alan Walters - a leading authority on national and international economics having held many distingushed posts and holds a multitude of Degrees and Honorary Degrees from Colleges & Universities in Britain & the USA, and
Henrik Overgaard Nielsen - formerly Co-Chairman of the Danish June Movement that won the Maastricht referendum in 1992

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Date this page was updated: 24 April 2000