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that your taxes are being used for EU propaganda on TV, in libraries and schools?

The Truth: Britain's membership of the EU has been a disaster.
* Britain has had to pay £66 million a week to Brussels. Your money goes on destroying good food, keeping prices high and subsidising our competitors.
* Our foolish experiment with the ERM led to a million more people becoming unemployed. Many also lost their homes
* To bring us in line with Europe, the EU wants to put VAT on essentials like food, children's clothing and even house purchase!

· The Cover-Up: On 9th May, you are actually being asked to celebrate Britain's EU membership! You may receive a leaflet from the 'European Movement' which gets hundreds of thousands of £££s of taxpayers' money to whitewash the EU.
Perhaps the biggest lie is that the EU has kept peace in Europe. Over the years Britain (and Europe's) defences have been safeguarded by NATO, while the EU - under its various names - propped up the Soviet war machine.

· Cross Party Racket. The European Movement is run by failed politicians such as Ted Heath and Neil Kinnock - now a fat cat Commissioner on over £100,000 a year! Another leading member is Tony Blair's spin doctor Peter Mandelson.
The European Movement now wants to spend millions towards abolishing the Pound and having Britain's economy run from Frankfurt.

· Public Say "No Thank EU": More and more people are seeing through this move to create a Euro-superstate through the back door and want to replace Britain's membership of the EU with a free-trading relationship.