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Christopher Coker, a political scientist at the London School of Economics, gave an independent view on matters such as the emergence of superpowers, the unsuitability of a European army, Britain's Atlantic Alliance. Referring to Britain as a post-modern, post-military society, he also covered how conflicts of the future will be managed - his forthcoming book "Humane Warfare" is one to look out for.

Held at our usual venue on Wed. 5th April 2000

The Two Chairmen, 39 Dartmouth St, London SW1 (3 min, St James' Park, walk towards Parliament then left). For more information phone 020-7386 1837.

Junk Science: How Europe's Environmentalists and Regulators Are Controlling Us

Bill Durodie of the London School of Economics gave a scientist's independent view at the New Alliance Talk on 11 January 2000. Environmental activism is very topical; as the European Union has regulatory powers, it is used as a willing hammer, although "self-regulation" under the threat of regulation is also common. Bill gave several examples of how regulators use questionable scientific 'evidence' to further their own ends.

Click for an interesting website on environmentalism with details of Bill's pamphlets.

NB Talks were suspended in 1999 to maximise the benefits of the successful European Parliament election campaign. We are looking at future talks on unity at the next General Election, policing and regional government

"Blair's Britain, The EU and the New World Order"

At the New Cavendish Club on 17th September 1998 we welcomed two leading speakers:
Larry Elliott, Economics Editor, The Guardian
Dan Atkinson, Economics Correspondent, The Guardian

"In recent years Government has given more and more freedom to Big Business while taking it away from the individual" was Larry's punchline. Dan spoke at length on the changes in society and proposed that Britain should withdraw from the EU and return to the philosophy of the nation-state within a traditional social-democratic framework.

It was a fascinating glimpse into how the national media works as well as the global economy. A varied audience ranged from seasoned Parliamentary candidates to a number of young 'Time Out' readers. There were several probing questions, not least on the Soviet crisis and the coming of the Euro.

If you missed the talk, watch out for their other appearances. Click for a review of their acclaimed book "The Age of Insecurity"

" Free Trade and Full Employment:
An Alternative to European Union?"

In a London pub on 20th May 1998, a well-attended meeting of experienced campaigners heard personal views on the economic direction Britain could follow if she had a totally free hand outside the EU. Speakers were:

Robert Corfe, Chairman, Full Employment League, who has a Labour background,
Malcolm Hill, who has written pamphlets for the Free Trade League

Mr. Corfe's FEL is a subsidiary of the Campaign for Industry; it aims to promote productivity rather than maximum profits, which it seems is the way they do things on the continent. The continental system is boosted by industrial credit banks that support particular sectors. He wants a government which will follow the continental example but have the will to keep out of the Single Currency.

He stressed the impracticality of EMU, which the continentals were already falling out over. In answer to questions, he expressed the views that the power of money had power over governments, whether or not companies were British-owned was less important than whether or not they were creating jobs, and that self-sufficiency was needed because of the threat of globalisation.

For more information, please contact:
Full Employment League, 6 Southgate Green, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 2BL

Most of Mr. Hill's speech consisted of a history lesson on the subject of free trade. To update things, he told us that the over-regulated EU is essentially nothing to do with free trade and the Common Agricultural Policy essentially 'nothing to do with agriculture' - although it has admittedly benefited landlords, the Mafia, and the immorality industry.

He expressed the uncontentious view that Edward Heath lied to the Commons about the fishing industry but the contentious ones that there's no need to measure export and import figures as trade is essentially firm-firm (Comecon excepted). The notion that national pride wasn't worth a light was hotly disputed by more nationally-minded members of the audience! Mr. Hill also believed that "the Sun" was the reason we're not in the Euro now - which contrasts with his other perception that multinationals' power is not in the same league as governments'- however he was willing to bet 100-1 that the Euro would fail.

For more information, please contact:
Free Trade League, The East Wing, Rousham, Oxon, OX6 3QX

The talk was organised jointly by CIB W.London and the New Alliance, and followed a 'Save The Pound' demo outside the Bank of England.

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