Note: The EU Council of Ministers agreed a provisional Treaty at the IGC Summit in Nice between 7/10 December 2000. The Treaty is subject to ratification, so please check for updates.

We can advise the intent that some decision-making power is to be surrendered from national level to EU level, and that some of the proposals open up sinister possibilities given the EU's past ability to be creative in packaging measures (e.g. Working Time) in categories with no veto.

Our state-of-the-art Q + A sheet analyses very recent proposals and should be up-to-date on key issues; here is a round-up of the main links for proposals and analysis. (Adobe Acrobat needed to read some documents).

The 'Stop Press' site for the Nice European Council

Key - and quite representative - proposals as at 3 November 2000.

'EU Observer' website - in Denmark but in English language

European Commission:- current treaty clauses are in [brackets]

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU:- agreed at Biarritz, 15 Oct 2000

European Parliament Proposals

Christopher Booker on Centre for Policy Studies website

Federal Trust website study_group_firstreport.htm

European Peoples' Party (Tories' federalist allies) website

The Times' website

Archive: Reviews of earlier proposals as at 14.11.00

New Alliance Q+A, first edition

Christopher Mowbray/DM Richmond's look at key areas with key texts

This page updated: 14 December 2000

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