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EU membership means that Britain has transferred so many powers to European level that we are largely ruled by the EU.

If we stay in, we will not just be legally unable to take back these powers and govern ourselves. We will be committed to having even more of our lives run at EU level. (This is known as economic and political integration, or ‘ever closer union’).

The current membership agreement, the Treaty of Lisbon, has words which sound like it is possible to take powers back, but after looking closely at the EU legal system, this is an illusion.

The only way that Britain can get back lost powers is to leave the EU.



For a summary of the legal reasons why powers cannot be taken back within the EU

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For a fuller explanation, with references

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No cover up! The public has a right to know

Our research meets some opposition.   



Key EU legal rulings

The EU’s simplified

‘constitutional’ order

Leaflet from 2012 [PDF]

For a view on the legality
of EU membership

International treaty law

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