"TREATY OF NICE" FACT SHEET - References by Item

3. EU proposals tabled on 3.11.2000  Conference of Government Representatives document CONFER 4790/00

Social security and taxes like VAT. NTEC 93(2)

Direct taxation. NTEC 93

The EU right to suspend national votes & vetoes. NTEC 7

4. 'Common commercial policy' to cover services and investment. CONFER 4789/00

"Uniform rules" that prevent "discrimination" "tax avoidance" NTEC 93(2)

5. Government for the harmonisation of social systems, living and working conditions. TEC 136, TEC 140

Possible loophole re: obligations in funding continental pensions. ("Social Cohesion") NTEC 140

EU Court rule on binding Treaty aims European Court, Cases 44/84; 161/78

6. Government claim Charter of Fundamental Rights will not be binding Daily Telegraph, 21.9.00

European Commission disagreement Daily Telegraph, 13.10.00

EU the right to "limit" (remove) rights! EU website, Charter Art 52(1); (was old Art 50, Eur Parliament)

Funding political parties at EU level TEC 191

EU powers to suspend political parties TEC 191 (Intent on 'anti-EU parties' expressed by Beate Winkler, European
Monitoring Centre, quoted European Voice, April 2000)

7. Suspending press freedom. Bernard Connolly, press letter, 21.10.00  Charter articles 10, 50

8. Corpus Juris - Book of same name, Editions Economica, Paris, 1997

European Public Prosecutor NTEC 280A, (COM (2000) 608 final) 28.9.00

EPP dropped from Treaty proposals: Hansard, 16.11.00

FCO policy: website www.fco.gov.uk, seen 6.11.00

UK legal preparations: Mail, 11.5.00; Telegraph, 14.7.00; Mail on Sunday 30.7.00, Reform website www.reform-uk.org/Goss2.htm

9. Jo Leinen, remark, EU Observer website, 20.10.00

Blair speech to Warsaw Stock Exchange 6.10.2000: Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

10. Government cave-in on 'fast track federalism' ('flexible cooperation') Biarritz summit, 12/13.10.00, reported EU Observer

25% support for EU membership - EU Eurobarometer survey April 2000; quoted 25.7.00

MORI poll favouring withdrawal, The Sun, 2.10.00


NTEC = Proposals for Nice Treaty on European Union/Community,

TEC = Existing 'Amsterdam' Treaty on European Union/Community

Number following is the Article.

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