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Main points


Information provided by consent

New Alliance does not make use of cookies, spyware or any other website facilities that track the personal data of individuals who visit it.


Instead, it provides an email address, a postal address and a telephone number to enable supporters/enquirers to contact it as desired. Therefore it is totally up to those who make contact to decide what personal data they need to supply to make representation or request information.


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Right to object

If individuals wish to exercise their right to object to their personal data being processed in a particular way, including restricting its use (e.g. no text messages to a mobile phone number), rectifying any errors or erasing it altogether, they should let New Alliance know as soon as possible.


They should object online via either the email address or the postal address given on (also Please address any representation to Mr B D Mooney, Hon. Treasurer, New Alliance, who is the Data Controller.



The main purposes for processing personal data are:

·        Administer membership records and activities including fundraising;

·        Maintain our own accounts and records;

·        Support and manage our staff and volunteers.

·        Undertake research, encompassing publishing, the marketing and selling of ideas.


Safeguarding privacy, data sharing and retention

New Alliance will not disclose personal data received from supporters/enquirers except with their clear consent unless exceptionally it is required by law, or it is already clearly out in the public domain (“manifestly public”).


It will use IT and other security measures to protect the privacy of supporters/enquirers and the personal data they supply.


Personal data will be shared only within New Alliance for the purposes of dealing with the communication, and only as necessary with others to fulfil the wishes of the supporter. For instance a cheque donation contains personal data like a name. This will be ‘shared’ with our bankers purely in connection with paying the cheque into our account.


Supporter/enquirer personal data will be retained for the purposes of dealing with the communication and will normally be deleted as soon as is practical after this use. Financial information such as records of donations is used in maintaining internal accounts and kept (archived) for up to 5 years in case of HMRC enquiry.


As New Alliance is required to demonstrate adherence to data protection law, exceptionally, some personal data may need to be retained as necessary for this, for instance in discharging a request for personal data to be deleted as a supporter is emigrating and no longer wishes to have contact.


This is the first of three pages of our Privacy Notice and covers the main points.


For further information on:

·        the basis for processing data, including special category data,

·        approach to data provision, collection, transfer and disclosure,

·        individual rights, including consent to processing,

·        GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 and

·        how to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office,

please refer to the supplementary page


For further information on:

·        the possible categories for data processed including special category data,

·        the possible sources and recipients of personal data

please refer to the supplementary page


This page compiled: 24 May 2018, updated: 2 May 2020