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New Alliance has been registered under the Data Protection Act since its formation in 1997.

A privacy-protected copy of the main register entry is available here (PDF).


The potential purposes were described using ICO/DPR guidelines as:

·        Membership administration. Administration of all potential classes of registered support (e.g. subscribing member, affiliated organisation). Publication of internal members’ newsletters

·        Fund raising

·        Marketing and selling, including direct marketing to individuals. Publicity and promotion for campaigning on European issues and national referendums in the UK to include publishing/distribution of journals, articles

·        Business and technical intelligence (aka Research)


The categories of individuals (data subjects); categories, sources and recipients of personal data potentially processed were declared very wide for instance as it was possible that any of data categories could be received in a third party communication, even temporarily kept. The registration was effectively pitched at covering a “worst case”.


However a sense of proportion is required. The focus of the current GDPR regime is of necessary processing in context, with due regard to privacy.


It is envisaged that the most significant categories processed will be:


Individuals (data subjects),

Members, supporters; donors; correspondents and enquirers, elected representatives, other holders of public office; publishers, editors


Categories (classes) of personal data,

Personal identifiers, details (‘contact information’); disabilities and infirmities, health and safety record; financial identifiers; financial transactions; qualifications, publications, current employment, trade union membership, political party membership, support for pressure groups, political opinions, membership of voluntary, charitable bodies, membership of professional bodies, public office held,


Sources and recipients of personal data

Persons making an enquiry or a complaint, the data subjects themselves; banks, building societies; employees, agents; trade, employers’ associations; trade unions, professional bodies, political organisations, central government, other public bodies, survey or research organisations, providers of publicly available information, including public libraries, press and media



For avoidance of doubt, New Alliance is not interested in details such as individuals’ private lives and circumstances that are irrelevant to its campaigning.


New Alliance campaigns solely in the UK and its systems are based in the UK. Its working contacts totally based within the UK and EEA.. Therefore it is not routinely required to transfer data outside the UK and EEA.


This is the third of three pages of our Privacy Notice.


For summary information on

·        New Alliance data processing and data protection policy, covering


·        safeguarding privacy, data sharing and retention; and

·        how to make contact,

please refer to


For further information on:

·        the basis for processing data, including special category data,

·        approach to data provision, collection, transfer and disclosure,

·        individual rights, including consent to processing,

·        GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 and

·        how to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office,

please refer to the supplementary page


This page updated: 16 Nov 2021