Federalists tell us the Constitution is needed to make things simpler & easier to understand!!!

The tortuous document, signed 29.10.04, after last minute changes, has been labelled 'CIG87/2/04 REV 2'. It is found on the EU's website as six PDF files, together around 1.5MB. (Technically the 'Official Journal of the EU' is the authority on official versions. There had been concern over which version was actually signed).

Our analysis of the main changes is now on-line. The best analysis is from the British Management Data Foundation, in paper form, which looks at the Constitution point by point. The reviews below may concern recent versions rather than the latest and are generally a good guide to the overall 'thrust' behind it. The Bonde version (below) uses a large file, but should be up-to-date and is well indexed.

We hope that the material referenced will be useful in sorting out the bureaucratic nightmare!

Latest proposals/documents,
EU Constitution website
UK FCO website (Some docs, incl.
'Constitution Myths')
Spin warning!
'Reader friendly' Constitution (PDF files, 220pp)
from Jens Peter Bonde MEP, 2005
National Platform's analysis
(CIG87/04) hosted by 'Ironies' blog
EU Lex - EU treaty texts, 1957-2000 Bruges Group reviews
Government White Paper, 9.9.04,
(c.784k PDF, whitewash!)
'The True Paper', Tory response
9.9.04, (c.114k PDF, some rhetoric)
Futurum (another EU website)
"Future of the EU" debate
Dutch EU Presidency, to Dec 2004
(website in English)
Irish EU Presidency, to June 2004 EU Convention website (2003)
UK Parliament - Constitution for the
European Union (Referendum) Bill; [J.Maples]
Maples' Bill debated, Hansard 23.4.04 (see halfway down; NB Bill since dropped)
UK Parliament - Constitution for Europe
(Referendum) Bill -
HL Bill 99, Lord Blackwell's Bill, 8.7.04
2003 draft EU Constitution, context and analysis from European Foundation, much still relevant (PDF, 212kB)
Our article on the first (2003) draft Referendum Fever hits the UK
Coverage from May 2003
New Alliance - EU Constitution Index New Alliance Index Page

Date this page first compiled: 25 June 2003; updated 28 March 2005